Link to PDF of 2004
L.A. County Wine
Package Award
where we were
awarded a Gold
Medal for Traditional
Design - Not bad for
our first design!
2001 back lable text

Mission Oaks Zinfandel exemplies the
premium qualities of the Lodi appellation.  A
region of heavy
clay soil and cool summer breezes, Lodi is
one of California’s pioneer grape growing
regions.  It is
especially noted for some of America’s oldest
and finest examples of Zinfandel wine. The
Vineyards, situated on a picturesque bluff
overlooking the Sierra Nevada mountains,   
boasts one of the largest remaining stands
(230 acres) of Old Vine Zinfandel   anywhere.

The grapes for this exceptional wine were
selected from a limited second harvest and
vinted, aged and bottled at the winery.  We
feel that a second harvest produces the
greatest Zinfandels; however, the relatively
few grapes result in only a small quantity of
wine.  Aged in oak barrels for well over a
year, the quality of Mission Oaks Zinfandel
suggests that this wine should  be reserved
for special occasions.
“Wonderful balance and
range of flavor, with ripe,
supple, black cherry, plum,
wild berry and raspberry
notes, finishing with a burst of
fruit and supple tannins.”

Bristol Farms